Is someone watching you?

We live in an ever changing world. One where privacy is being attacked daily. We can help you get a little peace of mind knowing when your microphones or cameras are capturing video or sound from you.

Frequently Asked Questions


So? My camera has a light!

Truth is, you're not always at your computer to see it. Even if your camera isn't in use, there's no little green light for your microphone! We can tell you when that's in use too!


Do you listen in, or watch me?

Absolutely not! Our software is entirely passive. To do what we do does not give us access to anything you're saying or any video you're capturing. We have a Privacy Policy you can read.


How much does it cost?

Our app is free! Actually free, not "free" as in we sell you to advertisers.

"Absolutely fantastic app. I love knowing when my recording devices are in use, it's changed how I think about security."